Monday, April 20, 2009

first contact!!!

have u ever imagine how would

I feel

when a child called me


want to know??

i feel that the students

are appreciating me and

i want them to continue to do so

the first contact with my students

took place in perlis

never think that i will have this opportunity

before my graduation day

my cohort members will agree with it

we put full blast of efforts to make this programme

a success



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

one interesting moment



i had to handle year 5 students

prepared 3 games

and everything went fine

kids were pleased with

our gifts

laugh and smile

one character came in

claimed that he must be in my class

i wondered

there was no AIMIN SYAMI

in the list of students

my friend asked him

where should he be

he said

in the standard 1 programme

i sent him back....


he reached back in standard 5 group

even before i did


he wanted to be in my group

we got tired and refused to send him after 5 times failed

to nailed him in his "class"

fun to hear his voice

could answer question faster compared to the rest

i have looked down on him

i know i should not do so

but u know

first impression is important

with a messy hair

smudge chocolate around his mouth


standard one student

wrote a lot bout him?

i would like to

as he opened my eyes and mind

taught me a lesson

dont judge a book by it's cover

sounds familiar

but real experience can make it clearer

am i right?

panic that the gifts won't be enough as we prepared only

for standard 5 students

and i was afraid this smaller character will

cry coz not gettting anything from us...

they were in the line while we were distributing the gifts

as his turn got nearer


just shout

"budak kecik yang menyebok nier nak bagie binatang aper"

all the coordinators looked at each other and


very loud....

not joking......


but we managed to solve the problem




cant wait to see 4 real students in the future

they might be annoying sometimes

but most of the time

i think

it is a pleasure for me to share my ideas with them


chris@dotagaki said...

Woa sounds like a cool experience. Dat boy really reminds me of my classmate Alvin from SMKBB. Baju n rambut messy looks like blur case, but super genius top2 student in class and got 4 flat in form6. ya, dun judge a book by its cover.

julia said...

dat's true..
i think i remember him
bit tall right
used to hang out with u during recess time
but i'm jealous twrds u all
went to the pulau
soooooooooooo nnniiiicccceeeeee
want to join
tell me more about it....
so that we can go there in the future

chris_lim said...

hi fellow bloggers, i've just changed my URL. Hope you will relink me again. thx.

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